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How to enjoy reading


March is National Reading Month! Let's usher in March 2022 with a new, or renewed, commitment to reading. If reading for pleasure is a foreign concept to you, you're certainly not alone. So many people, especially those in school, decide early on that reading is incredibly dull and not at all enjoyable. Can you really blame people for thinking that way, though? Not so much, considering most required reading materials are far from stimulating and generate little interest in their forced audiences.

That said, if you, too, have decided that reading is dull beyond compare, then maybe it's time to give reading for pleasure another chance. With nothing to lose and plenty to gain, there really is no reason not to give it a try.

This post is really two-pronged in focus. First, let's discuss a few suggestions for making the experience of reading more enjoyable. Next, we'll look at three tips that will help you read more books by maximizing your time more efficiently.

How to make reading for pleasure an enjoyable experience

1. Determine your preferred genres.

You aren't likely to find much pleasure in reading if you're reading books that don't interest you. That's why figuring out your preferred genres is essential for making reading for pleasure a pleasurable experience. If you aren't sure which genres you'd be interested in, then think about the types of shows you enjoy watching on TV. Odds are, you'll enjoy reading books from the same genre. There may even be a series of books based on your favorite TV show. And let's not forget about your other hobbies and interests here - there most likely exists some wonderful literature out there about them, too. If you like certain sports and sports history, for example; or if you collect anything, like stamps, postcards, sports cards, coins, etc.; chances are high you'll find some great reading material.

My favorite genres are in the non-fiction realm. I enjoy books, articles, magazines, journals, and newspapers that cover subjects like personal finance, entrepreneurship and business, minimalism, history, biographies, music, inventions, travel, philosophy, sociology, politics, economics, and the Roman Catholic faith. I often find that these non-fiction reading genres closely align with my TV-viewing habits, as well. I love non-fiction TV shows and documentaries focused on history, travel and cuisine, biographies, business and finance, inventions, etc.

2. Make the act of reading about more than the book itself.

Sure, reading a good book can be its own reward, but there's so much more you could be doing to make the experience exceptional. To get the most out of your reading experience, push it to the next level. Start by finding yourself a cozy nook for reading, then settle in with a delicious beverage and some tasty treats by your side. Reading for pleasure becomes more enjoyable when adding external factors that make you happy.

3. Set aside any books you aren't enjoying.

Nothing makes reading less fun than slogging through a book you aren't enjoying. So, to make reading for pleasure an enjoyable experience, set aside any books you aren't enjoying and move on to a new one. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to give up on the book forever. You can always return to it later when you're in a different mood. It's also worth mentioning that many books that start slow hit their stride several pages into the text. For this reason, you should always give each book enough time to draw you in before completely giving up on it.

While reading for pleasure might not sound like your cup of tea initially, it could be a far more enjoyable hobby than you realize. After all, with countless books covering every imaginable topic, there are plenty of books out there you'll enjoy reading. You just need to find them. So, if sometime in the past you convinced yourself that reading for pleasure isn't your idea of a good time, then maybe you should give it another try. Who knows, you might end up with another vastly enjoyable hobby to fill your spare time.

Three tips that will help you read more books

Reading is a great way to escape for a little while from the hustle and bustle of daily life, while also increasing your overall knowledge. To reap the benefits of reading, however, you'll need to take the time to read some books. So, what are some lifestyle changes that can help you increase your time spent reading? Read on to find out. Here are three tips that will help you read more books.

1. Bring a book with you everywhere you go.

Life provides many opportunities for reading. To seize these opportunities, keep a book nearby so you'll be ready to read whenever these moments occur. That way, you can reach for your book and do a little reading the next time you're sitting on the school bus, waiting at the doctor's office, relaxing in the break room at your place of work, or in study hall with no other work that needs to be done.

2. Make it a habit to read each night before bed.

Rather than browsing through your social media or loading up another episode of your favorite TV show before bed, make it a habit to read a book instead. Reading for fifteen minutes before bed each night may not feel like a lot of effort, but it will increase your time spent reading by over ninety hours per year. As a bonus, reading before bed can make your eyes feel tired, which might make it easier for you to fall asleep.

3. Don't be afraid to replace certain books with others.

As previously discussed, if the thought of continuing a book you aren't enjoying has put you off reading altogether, then don't be afraid to find another book. There's no point in forcing yourself to finish a book if it's causing you to procrastinate beyond a reasonable amount. Unfortunately, while this tip can help you read more overall, it can only be implemented while reading for pleasure. If you must read a specific book for work or school, you'll still need to push through it the best you can, no matter how much you dislike it.


While reading for pleasure may sound or feel somewhat strange to you initially, it has the potential to be a far more enjoyable hobby than you realize. There are countless books covering every imaginable subject. While this post is primarily focused on books, let's not forget other sources of reading and learning, too, like articles, magazines, journals, newspapers, and audio books. You most likely have favorite TV shows and/or other hobbies and interests you enjoy. Chances are highly likely that there is some wonderful reading material out there on these subjects, too. You just need to find them.

So, if sometime in the past you convinced yourself that reading for pleasure isn't your idea of a good time, then maybe you should give it another try. Who knows, you might end up with another vastly enjoyable hobby to fill your spare time. There is much to be gained by reading more. Fortunately, reading more is easy if you're willing to accept a few simple lifestyle changes. After applying the preceding strategies and tips to your daily routine, you'll be reading more in no time. Happy reading!

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