Friday, February 25, 2022

Travel the world without leaving home

How to travel the world without leaving home

There are many reasons why a person may not be able to travel. Perhaps it's due to failing health or lack of funds. Maybe it's obligations at home, work, and/or school. It doesn't much matter what keeps a person from straying too far from home. What matters is making the most of the current situation. So, if you want to travel the world, but circumstances have left you unable to do so for whatever reason, then here's your answer - do it virtually!

All you need to do to travel virtually is think of a place you've always wanted to visit, then immerse yourself in that country's culture. By immersing yourself in the other culture, you can take a virtual vacation to another land without leaving home. Here are seven virtual travel ideas to get you started.

1. Pick up some travel guides.

Travel guides are an excellent resource for learning about the people, culture, and attractions in the country you'll be virtually visiting. Beyond traditional guidebooks, you can also pick up brochures at a local travel agency and visit some travel websites about the country in question. The more you learn about your virtual vacation destination, the more it will feel like you're actually exploring it.

2. Watch a travel documentary.

Travel documentaries take you off the beaten path and into places that guidebooks rarely mention. They may also introduce you to some colorful locals while discussing region-specific customs and cuisines. To watch a travel documentary, check what's available regarding your chosen destination in your cable or streaming provider's on-demand catalog. If no programs are available for the particular country, or your cable package doesn't include on-demand programming, try searching YouTube for documentaries instead.

3. Enjoy some international cuisine.

To make your at-home travel experience feel more authentic, align your daily menu with meals inspired by your chosen travel destination. To do this, you have two options - either order in from a local restaurant specializing in authentic cuisine, or try cooking some travel-inspired meals from scratch. If you need some inspiration for your travel-themed meals, search online for famous dishes from the country you're virtually visiting.

4. Listen to travel podcasts.

You can learn a lot about a particular country by listening to travel podcasts about it. To find podcasts featuring your virtual travel destination, type 'Travel podcasts about' followed by the country's name (e.g., Travel podcasts about Mexico) in Google's search engine. While not all searched countries bring up a list of travel-themed podcasts, many do. As for listening to the travel podcasts, you can listen to them whenever you wish, though a highly recommended time for listening is while you're in the car.

5. Listen to foreign music.

Listening to foreign music can help get you in the travel spirit. To find suitable songs, first search online for a list of musicians or bands from the country you're virtually visiting. This search should provide you with the names of the country's most famous artists, making it possible to search for their music on YouTube or other similar websites. While you're searching, create a custom playlist featuring popular songs from the artists on the list. Once the playlist is complete, listen to the music whenever your travel spirit needs a little boost. If the country's top musicians and bands are already in heavy rotation on your local radio stations, then consider searching for traditional music from the region instead.

6. Watch a foreign television show or movie.

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video contain many international television shows and movies. If you currently subscribe to a streaming service, search the catalog for television shows or movies filmed in your chosen vacation destination. If you find a suitable program, but it's in a language you don't speak, look for a subtitles option to help you follow along. If you don't currently subscribe to a streaming service, check what's available through free options like YouTube or Tubi.

7. Learn some words and phrases in another language.

If you're going to be virtually traveling the world, then you might as well learn something new while you do. If the people in your chosen destination speak a language you don't currently know, then take the opportunity to learn some common words and phrases in the other language. Travel guides and brochures may be helpful in this regard, as would a dedicated language course if you feel like going the extra mile. Watching foreign-language media with the subtitles turned on can also help you pick up some frequently used words and phrases in the other language.

As you can see, there are many ways a person can virtually travel the world without leaving their home. So, keep these ideas in mind the next time you find yourself with a travel itch you can't scratch. With a bit of effort and creativity, you can create your own travel experience without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

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