Sunday, April 25, 2021

Being a good neighbor on social media

How to Be a Good Neighbor on Social Media

Being neighborly isn't only about pleasant in-person interactions anymore. With more neighborhoods creating social media groups, it's also becoming important to show your neighborly side online. Here are two tips that can help you be a good neighbor while on social media. Be sure to keep them in mind when participating in any online community groups. These neighborhood social media groups can be a wonderful source for networking, making new friends, strengthening ties to your neighborhood / community, finding volunteer opportunities, and simply keeping up on local news and updates.

1. Always show civility when communicating with your neighbors on social media.

Though social media communications may feel rather anonymous at times, remember real people are reading your posts. Do your best to keep your online communications respectful and always show civility when communicating with your neighbors on social media. If you have a personal grievance with a fellow poster, bring it up with them privately, rather than in public for all to see.

2. Always respect your neighbors' online privacy.

Everyone has unique privacy preferences, both online and off. To stop yourself from accidentally revealing a neighbor's private data online, refrain from posting personal information or photos concerning your neighbors without their express consent.

If you have yet to join a community group online, they can be found in a couple of ways. One way to find online community groups is by checking the social media profiles of neighborhood friends to see if they belong to such a group. A second method for finding groups is utilizing the site's search function to look for specific groups focused on your neighborhood.

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