Monday, February 3, 2020

Tips for getting to know your neighbors

Meeting your neighbors can be great on many levels. Not only can meeting your neighbors help you feel more connected to your community, but doing so can also help you form new friendships and valuable networking connections. Below are three tips that can help you become better acquainted with your neighbors.

Tip #1 - Always greet your neighbors

The first step in getting to know your neighbors is not looking away when you see one. Smile, greet, and wave at your neighbors whenever the opportunity presents itself. These simple gestures may spark the conversation that leads to a lasting friendship.

Tip #2 - Host a backyard party

Once you've made first contact with some of your neighbors, invite them to a backyard party. An informal event like a backyard party can be an effective way to transition from small talk to deeper conversations. Live in an apartment complex? Utilize a common room or host a "roaming party" with several neighbors on your floor.

Tip #3 - Hold themed gatherings

As you get to know your neighbors and begin learning about their interests, plan more intimate get-togethers to strengthen your friendships. Determine your common interests and schedule related events. Some popular events include weekly card games, book clubs, and movie nights.

Getting to know your neighbors doesn't have to be a daunting task. Simply start small and work your way up from there. By first greeting your neighbors and then hosting a backyard party and some themed gatherings, you'll be well on your way toward forging new friendships and valuable networking connections with those living in your community.

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