Tuesday, January 14, 2020

ACT test strategies

Once again, we're entering ACT test prep season. With it comes a slew of ACT practice tests, ACT tutoring, and helpful resource guides and strategies. Here are several previous posts I wrote, along with other resources pulled from the Internet, that may help you as you prepare for the test, in no particular order:

Are the ACT and SAT still needed?

Preparing for the ACT test

The importance of learning outside the classroom

Learning at home during school COVID closures

Flashcards a helpful study aid

Writing prompts for fun and practice

How to properly prepare for tests and exams

Better study habits

Building a general foundation first

Free math worksheets

Preparing for the science test on ACT

Preparing for the ACT test - Six strategies and methods to get you ready for the big day!

How to get more out of reading  

Reading comprehension skills (a longer essay by Aaron S. Robertson from June 2020)

"ACT Tips and Tricks to Reach Your Target Score" (from PrincetonReview.com)

Letter of the day method for guessing on tests (from GetSmartPrep.com)

"ACT Test Taking Strategies" (from EducationCorner.com)

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