Sunday, December 22, 2019

Learning over winter break

As we begin winter break (or recently began it) for both high school and college students, I want to challenge you to take advantage of this time to continue learning and expanding that wonderful gift you have - your mind. I don't necessarily mean school work, although high school students may have some actual school work to take home and complete during their break. College students, on the other hand, will usually be between semesters with no school work.

The kind of learning I'm primarily talking about here is learning that will help you in identifying and selecting potential career and college tracks that you may be interested in pursuing.

Use a good portion of your break time to reflect and figure some of these things out. It will certainly be to your advantage. What are your hobbies and interests? What have you done so far for volunteer work, or what would you like to do for volunteer work? Is there anyone you can start networking with? Do you already have a basic resume ready to go, or do you need to work on that still? If you're still in high school, have you started exploring any formal post- high school training and education you may want or need to obtain?

Take advantage of this time. Don't squander it. Check out this page of career readiness resources for more ideas and inspiration.

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