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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Career readiness resources

Following is a collection of links to previous posts on various job and career topics I've written about so far. It's my sincere hope that high school and college students will find this collection of career readiness resources helpful as they reflect on and continue to explore what they'd like to do for work after school. The links are in no particular order.

What is networking?

Creating a resume and applying for work 

Creating a cover letter for a job application 

The many benefits of volunteer work 

What is marketing?

Exploring careers in the trades

Computer programming and coding 

Partnerships between school districts and chambers of commerce

Advice for high school and college students 

Building a general foundation first 

The importance of learning outside the classroom 

Why you need to understand the basics of government and politics

Pros and cons of entrepreneurship  

Exploring engineering as a career

Career options with writing skills

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