Thursday, September 26, 2019

Photos for online real estate listings

How to take attractive photos for your online real estate listings

When people are looking to buy a new home, a leading factor in helping them decide whether or not a home is worth further inquiry is the photos used in the online listing. The number of attractive photos provided can be the difference between a buyer jotting down an address for a second look or that buyer simply moving on to the next listing without so much as a second thought. Here are four tips for making the photos in your online real estate listings attractive to your potential buyers.

1. Consider camera orientation when taking and displaying photos.

There's nothing more annoying when looking at a photo than finding it to be all out of proportion and distorted. To keep your photos looking their best, always take note of your camera's orientation before taking any shots. Never take a portrait-oriented photo and later try to stretch it to fit a landscape-oriented frame on your site. Distorted images in an online real estate listing will do little to accurately represent the property and can leave potential buyers struggling to visualize the home's layout.

2. If warranted, make lighting adjustments prior to shooting.

There are many ways to light an area when it comes to real estate photography. This has left many photographers in a disagreement about which method is best. Regardless of any disagreements, however, there is one thing that most photographers tend to agree on - that the lighting should be neither too dark nor too light. Well-lit photos will make a property look more attractive to potential buyers, whereas poorly-lit photos can prevent buyers from seeing a property's best features.

3. Try a slight change in perspective when capturing images.

Applying a slight change in perspective while taking a photo can completely change the look of the finished piece. Instead of taking your real estate photos from a standard vantage point, consider capturing the rooms from a slightly different perspective. Though perspective photography obviously shouldn’t be used to misrepresent the overall look or dimensions of the home and its surrounding yard, it can be an easy way to showcase a property in a more unique light than your competitors.

4. If needed, make color adjustments before putting the images online.

It's important to consider each image's color profile when adding photos to your online real estate listings. Obviously a home's colors should be accurately represented within any displayed images, so in times where the color profile is incorrect, use photo editing software to make the necessary color adjustments before uploading the images to the Internet. Real estate photos with accurately represented colors will be far more attractive and helpful to potential buyers than ones containing skewed color profiles.

With photography being such an important component of today's online real estate marketing strategy, it is vitally important that all your listings include a number of attractive photos to draw in potential buyers. By always using a consistent orientation, plus considering the lighting, perspective, and color profiles of the home and its features when capturing and displaying the images, it will be much easier for buyers to see the true potential of each of the properties in your online real estate listings - a factor that can persuade more buyers to request a viewing, instead of simply scanning past the listing without a second thought.

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