Thursday, September 26, 2019

Home staging tips for realtors

Take your real estate game to the next level with seasonal staging

When it comes to home selling strategies, one of today's most commonly used tactics is staging. So, how can you stage a home, yet still have it stand out from all the other staged houses for sale in the neighborhood? Well, to help a staged home stand out from the rest, try adding some seasonal staging props. By including some subtle seasonal additions in your staging displays, you can take your home staging game to the next level. Continue reading for staging tips unique to each season.

Spring staging tips:

If you'll be staging a home in the spring, try using some fresh cut flowers to add a little life and color to an otherwise generic area. Mildly scented flowers are often best for staging purposes, as stronger scents may be off-putting to potential buyers. Stronger scents could also cause buyers to prematurely leave an area of the home without fully exploring all it has to offer. Other scents that work well during a spring staging include citrus scents like lemon and orange.

Summer staging tips:

Summer staging often benefits with the addition of outdoor elements. An inviting patio setup accented with bright summer colors, overlooking lush, green grass and a well-maintained garden can add a great deal of appeal to any home. Indoors, be sure to showcase the home's natural light by avoiding heavy drapes and opening blinds. As with spring staging, mild floral or citrus aromas often make for great summer scents.

Fall staging tips:

When staging a home in the fall, consider displaying a few vases with brightly colored leaves or a festive gourd centerpiece. Even the addition of a few throw pillows accented with fall colors can often be enough to liven up an otherwise uninspiring living room or bedroom. When considering fall staging scents, aim for a gentle smell of apple or cranberry, as either scent can promote a nice inviting atmosphere.

Winter staging tips:

For winter staging, subtle touches like a holiday-themed centerpiece can spark inspiration in the minds of potential buyers. A small, yet tasteful light display outside can also help a home stand out from any others in the area that are currently on the market. When staging during the winter months, a soft aroma of cinnamon can help make a home smell more inviting to buyers, as can a gentle smell of cedar or pine.

Regardless of the season in which you will be staging a home, always remember that less is more when it comes to seasonal home staging. Subtle additions to your staging props will cast any home in a much more salable light than an over-the-top display of seasonal cheer. Also, be sure to avoid overtly religious displays when staging a home, as such displays may be off-putting to some potential buyers. By considering the season and adding some appropriately-themed items to your staging displays, you should have little trouble taking your home staging game to the next level.

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