Saturday, April 6, 2019

Resume tips for landing job interviews

How your resume can make or break your chances of landing a job interview

Job hunting can potentially be very discouraging. Many times, you'll send out resume after resume, and never hear back from the many prospective employers you've reached out to. So, what can you do to rise above the competition and finally land some job interviews? Make sure you prepare an excellent resume. Your resume will likely be the first point of contact between you and prospective employers, so if it isn't doing you justice, then it probably won't land you an interview.

To increase your chances of being granted a job interview, keep the following three things in mind when creating your resume:

1. Aesthetics and Originality

An aesthetically pleasing, yet original looking resume will stand out from the rest. This is especially important when applying for highly sought-after positions that may attract hundreds or even thousands of applicants. By ensuring your resume is both aesthetically pleasing and unique enough to set it apart from the others, you can reduce the likelihood of your resume getting lost in the shuffle.

2. Readability

If your resume can't be easily read, then it's probably going to be cast aside. Don't hide your strengths and previous work experience in one large block of text, as this can make it hard to quickly scan the document, which is how many employers decide whether a resume is worth a second look. Also, ensure your font size is large enough to be easily read, or prospective employers might simply discard your resume, regardless of how well-written it happens to be.

3. Spelling and Grammar

A resume that passes the initial scan of aesthetics and readability also needs to impress prospective employers when they go in for a closer look. This is when having correct spelling and grammar is vitally important. Even the most qualified applicant can lose a chance at an interview if the resume is riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Be sure your resume is error-free before sending it to any prospective employers.

The quality of your resume can be the deciding factor between never hearing back from prospective employers and landing an interview for the job of your dreams. When you are crafting your resume, be sure to consider all areas which may help you to stay ahead of the competition, so you're first in line when employers start granting applicant interviews. While spelling and grammar are obviously important considerations when writing a resume, don't discount other important areas like aesthetics, originality, and readability. By taking these areas into account when writing your resume, you can increase your chances of landing a job interview.

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