Thursday, December 6, 2018

Quantity over quality when it comes to idea generation

I'd like to share a piece I wrote back in June of this year. I generically titled it at the time, "How to generate more and better business ideas," and I presented a brief talk based on what you're about to read here to a local business networking group.

Now, even though I originally presented this to a business group, the message is universal, and it certainly applies to an academic environment. The main takeaway of this written piece/talk is that we mustn't fear creating something that isn't instantly perfect. We can continue to develop and perfect along the way. If we wait for something to come into existence in a flawless state, it will never happen.

Here's a brief excerpt to get your mind thinking:
The lesson here is that, in order to create anything worthwhile – art, written works, ideas, products and inventions, etc. – we can’t be afraid to bring those concepts into the physical realm in an imperfect state. Yet, all too often, we are afraid, and we might not even realize it. We want the concept to come into reality perfect the first time around. And because we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by that fear and indecision and eternal debate going on in our heads, we’re often left with nothing actualized. I can’t begin to imagine how many would-be thought-provoking literary works, useful inventions or improvements, fun songs, breathtaking works of art, and engaging ideas are either sitting in the minds of the living, or are forever lost with the passing of the departed, because improving and perfecting along the way does not, for whatever reason, seem good enough to us. We have to overcome this fear if we want to stop cheating ourselves and one another.
And here is the piece in its entirety, "How to generate more and better business ideas," from another blog I run, I hope you enjoy it and find it to be of some value.

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