Thursday, December 6, 2018

Exploring the vast world of work and career opportunities

Updated February 18, 2019.

When you think about careers, or jobs, what usually comes to mind? Probably a police officer, fire fighter, doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, dentist, astronaut, and athlete, right? That's a great start, and there's certainly an ongoing need for these types of highly-skilled, dedicated professionals. But this is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to careers and the countless ways that exist to make a living.

The reason why you probably only think of the career examples mentioned a little while ago is because they're examples we've heard talked about and encouraged to dream about since early childhood. Additionally, though, because of your age, it's likely very difficult for you right now to be able to see the endless possibilities that exist out there in the world. You can't yet understand the depth and breadth of the opportunities truly available to you. And that's certainly okay. Nothing wrong with that. Only time and a rich variety of job and career exploring activities can help you better understand the complete picture and connect the dots that you can't yet see.

In short, where ever there's a need or want by individuals, families, businesses, organizations, charities, or communities, there are jobs or future jobs to address those needs or wants. It's this supply and demand that forms the basis of our economy. The possibilities available are virtually endless.

Let's explore a little bit of this vast world. Following are links to a number of articles and blog posts, both internal to this blog and to outside resources, to help you in your journey of exploration and discovery. In no particular order:

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Exploring volunteer work and how it can provide a wealth of opportunities for learning new skills, strengthening skills, making meaningful connections through networking, gaining new perspectives, sharing talents, and making a difference in the lives of others.

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