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Careers in automotive repair

Exploring career options in automotive repair and maintenance for students


If you love cars and are good with your hands, a career in automotive repair and maintenance may be the perfect fit for you. These jobs offer great career opportunities and growth potential, with possibilities ranging from working as a technician in a repair shop all the way up to owning your own business. So, what are some ways for middle school and high school students to prepare for a career in this field? In this blog post, we will explore key classes, extracurricular activities, learning opportunities, and experiences that students can take advantage of to pursue a career in automotive repair and maintenance.

Career possibilities and pathways in the car maintenance and car repair business

1. Take related classes and courses

If you're interested in becoming an automotive technician, you should consider taking classes related to automotive repair. Many high schools and technical schools offer courses in auto mechanics and maintenance. These classes typically cover topics such as engine repair, electrical systems, and brakes. You can also get specialized training in areas such as air conditioning or welding. Taking these classes not only prepares you for future employment, but also provides you with valuable skills that can be applied to everyday life.

2. Join a car club or participate in extracurricular activities

Joining a car club in your school or community is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience, learn from experts, and network with professionals in automotive repair and maintenance. These clubs provide opportunities for students to work and learn together on different projects, including car repair and restoration. They also participate in social events and competitions where members can show off their skills.

3. Get real-world experience

One of the best ways to learn about automotive repair and maintenance is to get real-world experience. Many repair shops and dealerships offer internships and apprenticeships for high school and college students. These programs provide hands-on experience, exposure to different types of repairs, and help students build professional connections. You can also volunteer in automotive projects and events, such as car shows, to gain confidence and practice your skills.

4. Pursue higher education

If you're interested in advancing your career in automotive repair and maintenance, obtaining a higher education is a great option. A degree in automotive technology or business management can help position you well as a strong candidate for a management position, or set you up nicely to maybe own your own shop some day. Your degree can help you demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and commitment to the field. Many colleges and universities offer programs in automotive technology, business management, and entrepreneurship to help you pursue your goals.

5. Consider entrepreneurship or management

Continuing on the previous point, the automotive repair and maintenance industry provides great opportunities for those who want to start their own business or rise up into management. Many technicians choose to open their own repair shops or franchises, while others pursue positions as service managers, shop supervisors, or service advisors. Starting a business or moving into management requires many additional skills and a much broader knowledge base beyond those required for a technician, such as leadership, finance, marketing, and customer service. Pursuing a degree in business administration and/or gaining professional certifications can help prepare you for these roles.


In conclusion, there are several pathways that middle school and high school students can take to prepare for a career in automotive repair and maintenance. Taking classes, joining a car club, gaining real-world experience, pursuing higher education, and considering entrepreneurship or management are all great options to consider. Whether you're passionate about cars or just looking for a stable career with plenty of room for growth, automotive repair and maintenance can provide you with the skill set and foundation you need to succeed.

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