Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A career in construction

Preparing for a career in construction: What students need to know

Explaining how a middle school student or high school student can set a firm foundation for a career in the construction industry. What types of classes, learning opportunities, experiences, and extracurricular activities would be beneficial for students interested in pursuing a career in construction?


Construction is an ever-expanding industry with many rewarding career paths. For middle school and high school students interested in pursuing a career in construction, setting a firm foundation now can provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. Let’s explore what types of classes, learning opportunities, experiences, and extracurricular activities will be most beneficial for students considering a career in construction.

Classes that help prepare for a career in construction

Classes that focus on mathematics and sciences are essential for students who want to pursue careers in construction. Math classes such as Algebra I & II, Geometry, Precalculus, Calculus, and Statistics are helpful when it comes to understanding measurements and calculations related to the building process. Science classes such as Biology and Chemistry are also important since they teach students about the composition of different materials used in construction. Other courses that could benefit students include Computer Science/Technology, Engineering Technology/Drafting, Business/Accounting/Finance (for those interested in project management or owning their own business), Graphic Design (for those interested in visualizing projects or creating 3D models), History (to understand the evolution of architecture) and any foreign language class (to communicate effectively with clients).

Learning opportunities & experiences

Construction offers countless hands-on learning opportunities at all levels. On-the-job training programs can help teach students how to use tools and materials properly while gaining valuable experience working on real projects. Apprenticeships are also great options for high school graduates looking to transition into a career - apprentices learn from experienced professionals while earning an income during the process. Additionally, internships may be available for college students who would like to gain more insight into the industry before making a full commitment. Volunteering at local job sites is also an excellent way for young people to observe firsthand how construction projects come together while connecting with potential employers or mentors.

Extracurricular activities

For those looking to enhance their resumes prior to entering college or the workplace, extracurricular activities related to construction can be beneficial. Joining clubs related to STEM fields is one way - for example, joining robotics clubs allows students learn more about automation, which is key within today’s modern constructions sites - or even starting their own club if such opportunities don’t already exist at their school! Competitions such as Future City provide interesting challenges that encourage problem-solving skills, which are needed when it comes to constructing buildings efficiently; competitions like these also offer scholarships for top performers, which can be useful when it comes time for college applications! There are plenty of ways young people can stay active within their community while preparing themselves for future careers.


With so many educational avenues available today, it has never been easier for middle school or high school students interested in pursuing a career in construction to set a firm foundation needed later on down the road. Taking math and science courses while participating in hands-on learning programs such as apprenticeships or volunteering can help provide invaluable experience that will prove useful once they enter college or join the workforce. Extracurricular activities such as robotics clubs, or competitions like Future City also add unique experiences that look great on resumes - setting these young learners up perfectly for success!

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