Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Social studies projects for high school students

Five fun and engaging social studies projects for high school students


Social studies classes can be an engaging way to learn about history and the world around us. But, let’s face it, it can sometimes feel a bit boring. As a parent or teacher, you may be looking for ways to make social studies more fun and engaging for your high school student. Here are five project ideas that will be both educational and entertaining!

1. Create a historical timeline: Have students create a timeline of important historical events from the period they are studying. This could include technological developments, wars, political changes, etc. It’s also important to have them include pictures and descriptions as well as dates.

2. Make a model of a historical landmark: Have students research an important historical landmark from the period they are studying and then have them create a model of it out of cardboard or other materials. This is an excellent way to get them thinking about the structure and design of these landmarks while also learning more about their history.

3. Design an infographic about your subject: Have students use design software (like Adobe InDesign) to create an infographic summarizing the main points they learned in class during the past week/month/term. This is also great practice in organizing information visually so that it is easier to understand and remember what they have learned!

4. Write a historical fiction story: Have students write a story set in the period they are studying that includes real people and events from that time period but with fictional plot lines or dialogue added in. This encourages creativity while still teaching them about their subject matter!

5. Create a video presentation on your topic: Have students record themselves talking about their topic - whether it’s something from history or current affairs - and then edit it into a video presentation using video editing software like iMovie or Final Cut Pro X (or any other program). This is great practice for public speaking, as well as digital media skills!


Learning social studies doesn’t have to be boring! With these five project ideas, you can make sure your high school student has fun while still learning all about history and current events! Whether it’s creating timelines or writing stories set in different eras, there are plenty of ways to make social studies interactive, educational, and entertaining all at once! So why not give some of these project ideas a try? You might just find yourself having fun along with your student!

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