Friday, February 24, 2023

How to improve your critical thinking skills

Sharpening your mind: Strategies for middle schoolers to improve their critical thinking skills


As a middle school student, you may find yourself in the midst of an academic transition. You’re adapting to the increased demands of your teachers and classes, while also trying to figure out who you are as a person. Amidst all this change, it’s important that you develop the skills that will help you succeed in school and beyond. Here are some activities and strategies that can help middle schoolers improve their critical thinking skills and sharpen their minds.

Teach yourself how to learn

It can be hard to stay motivated when faced with challenging assignments or unfamiliar concepts. Learning how to learn can make a huge difference in how effectively you process new ideas. One way to do this is through meta cognition, which is the practice of understanding your own thought process. You can do this by reflecting on what strategies work best for you when tackling difficult topics or tasks. This could include things like breaking complex assignments down into smaller steps or creating visual representations of information. With practice, these strategies will become second nature, allowing you to approach new concepts with confidence instead of dread.

Ask questions – and don't be afraid to take risks

We often think of questions as something we should avoid because they make us look unprepared or unknowledgeable - but this could not be further from the truth! Asking questions shows that you’re engaged with the material and curious about its connections to other topics. It’s also an essential tool for problem-solving; sometimes it takes asking several “why?” questions before arriving at an answer that makes sense. Similarly, don’t be afraid to take risks when approaching new problems; experimentation is key to creative problem-solving!

Practice creative problem-solving

Creative problem-solving requires more than just analytical thinking; it involves using imagination and intuition to come up with unique solutions or approaches to difficult tasks. This may sound intimidating at first - but there are ways to get started! For example, try brainstorming with friends or family members on how best to tackle a tricky assignment or project; sharing perspectives can help come up with new solutions or ideas that would not have been possible alone. Additionally, taking part in extracurriculars such as robotics clubs or chess tournaments will give you plenty of practice at outside-the-box thinking!


Improving critical thinking skills is an important part of any student’s educational journey - and middle schoolers are no exception! By teaching yourself how to learn effectively, asking questions without fear of judgement, and engaging in creative problem-solving activities, middle schoolers can sharpen their minds and equip themselves with the mental tools necessary for success in high school and beyond! So why wait? Start sharpening your mind today!

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