Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Virtual students and breaks during the day

If you're a middle school or high school student learning from home this year due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it's important to your physical and mental health that you take breaks away from your workspace throughout the school day. Students and parents, read on for more.

At the middle/high school I work at, we implemented for this school year a 10-minute passing time between class periods during the school day. We did this in order to provide for better social distancing and to minimize potential contacts. The logic behind this decision is simple - if students have more time to get to their classes, they won't feel rushed, and, therefore, the halls will be less crowded. I believe our passing time is usually four minutes.

If you're learning virtually from home this school year, no matter what your passing time is, use these times to get away from your workspace for a little while. Make sure you're also treating yourself to several small breaks during your homework time after school/in the evening. 

Breaks during passing times between classes: Instead of sitting at your desk on your phone, get away from the desk and the electronics. Use these passing times to stretch, get the blood flowing, relax the mind, relax the eyes from the electronics. Some ideas: Go outside for fresh air, especially with the weather getting nicer. Do a quick workout with dumbbells, if you have them (perhaps you can knock out two birds with one stone here by using these little workouts for your Online PE exercise logs, if you need to do those!). Grab a quick, healthier snack. Or just get up from your desk to stretch and walk back and forth a little.

Breaks during homework sessions: I have the same suggestions as with the breaks during class passing times - instead of sitting at your desk on your phone or watching a movie or playing video games, get away from the desk and the electronics. Relax the mind and the eyes, and look for ways to stretch and get the blood flowing. Relax the mind to some of your favorite music playing in the background?

Utilizing these simple strategies will help you guard your physical and mental health. It's not good to be seated and in front of electronics all day and night.

What are your thoughts and observations? Have any ideas or suggestions of your own to share? Add them to the comments section below. We'd love to hear, and learn, from you!

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