Friday, March 20, 2020

Elmore James

As I'm working on a number of ideas for new blog posts here, I find myself in an Elmore James -kinda mood at the moment. Here's my playlist right now, if you want to follow along.

Elmore James (1918-1963) is a blues legend and master of the slide guitar. Sadly, he died young, at the age of 45, from a heart attack. He had a serious heart condition. Yet, he was around long enough to produce some incredible material, and many of his songs have been covered by some of the biggest acts in both the blues and rock worlds over the decades.

Elmore James is included in my previous posts, Paying homage to the slide guitar, and, Paying homage to the instrumental, as well.


Elmore James playlist, in order of appearance:

Sho' Nuff I Do
It Hurts Me Too
One Way Out
Every Day I Have The Blues
Stormy Monday
Early One Morning
Talk To Me Baby
Something Inside Me
Standing At The Crossroads
The Sky Is Crying

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