Monday, January 27, 2020

Wisconsin civics exam in high school

If you're a high school student in Wisconsin, you'll be taking a civics exam in order to complete the Wisconsin Civics Graduation Requirement.

According to this page on the Web site of the state's Department of Public Instruction (DPI), "Any students graduating from a Wisconsin high school (starting with the class of 2017) 'takes a civics test comprised of 100 questions that are identical to the 100 questions that may be asked of an individual during the process of applying for U.S. citizenship by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the pupil correctly answers at least 65 of those questions'". The full state statute can be found here.

According to the same page on the DPI's Web site, "There are no state funds to administer this test. DPI is not involved in the procurement, grading, or gathering of test scores for this test. Districts are responsible to give the test, score it, and keep records of student scores/passing. It is up to the school/district what format to use, and when in the school year to administer the test."

Following are some helpful resources, strategies, and ideas to help you prepare for this test. If you live in another state that requires you to take a civics test, have no fear - simply take the content of this blog post and tailor it to your own state's standards.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - Civics Questions & Answers for the Naturalization Test

USCIS - Civics Flash Cards for the Naturalization Test

Flashcards on

Why you need to understand the basics of government and politics

How to properly prepare for tests and exams

Flashcards a helpful study aid

DPI - Frequently Asked Questions about Act 55/Civics Test Graduation Requirement (includes FAQs for special education students and IEP teams)


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