Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to accomplish goals

Achieve your dreams by focusing on smaller tasks

Though it's no secret that large goals can be overwhelming, people still love dreaming big about the things they'd like to achieve. Unfortunately, as your dreams grow, your chances of achieving them usually shrink. So, should you just forget about your loftier dreams if they seem unattainable from your current perspective? No, of course not! Instead of giving up right away, read on for ideas that can help you achieve even your grandest dreams.

Now, before you get started, it's worth mentioning that the first and arguably most important part of achieving your dream is setting a goal. Really think about it. What exactly do you want to accomplish? Once you have a detailed goal in mind, carefully consider similar goals you've set for yourself in the past but failed to achieve. What went wrong in each attempt? Are there any changes you can make that may help you achieve this goal? Also, think about any former goals you successfully achieved. What factors lead to that success?

After you've answered these questions, it will be time to actively work toward achieving your goal. If in the past you haven't split your goals into a series of small, definable tasks for you to work through, then why not try doing so this time around? You have nothing to lose, and setting smaller tasks could be the simple change needed to successfully achieve your goal.

If you'd like to try splitting your goal into a series of simple tasks, consider crafting each task to be achievable in three to seven days. If you feel overwhelmed by tasks that span multiple days, however, then split your goal into however many tasks makes you feel most comfortable. If you are only comfortable with short tasks requiring no more than fifteen minutes of your time, then that's exactly where you should start.

Now, it's common for people to breeze through their initial tasks. After all, when goals are new, a person's interest levels and motivation are often high. Unfortunately, motivation tends to dwindle when life gets busy, which can cause you to push your dreams aside. To have the best chance of successfully achieving your dreams, it's important to work on your goal-achieving activities whenever possible - especially when you are busy. Though it's easy to waste time thinking up new excuses for why you're too busy to work through your list of tasks, your energy would be better spent figuring out new and innovative ways to fit the tasks into your already-busy schedule.

Thankfully, there are many ways to fit goal-achieving tasks into even the busiest schedules. If your goal is fitness-related, squeeze in a short workout during your lunch hour or power up the treadmill during your favorite television show. If your goal is to write a novel, keep a notebook handy and jot down ideas while riding the bus or sipping on your morning coffee. If your goal is simply to clean your house, then pick a room to tackle for fifteen minutes each night before bed. It doesn't really matter what your goal is, as long as you regularly devote some time and effort toward achieving it.

A final factor that can help you complete your tasks and ultimately achieve your dreams is momentum. To get the ball rolling, give yourself a few easy tasks to complete. If after completing these tasks you are still feeling rather unmotivated, then continue working on equally-easy tasks, otherwise, aim for something a little more challenging. Just remember that simple tasks are often better motivators because harder tasks might put you off track if you fail to complete them in a timely fashion.

While working through your tasks, be aware that you may occasionally lose sight of your goal. That's fine. So long as you don't give up, you haven't failed. If you ever find yourself less than motivated, or think you might be giving up on your goal, though, then get back on track by outlining a new list of easy-to-accomplish tasks for you to complete. Once you've done so, you will be back on track toward achieving your dreams.

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