Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Learning the English language

Five reasons it's worth learning the English language

There are many reasons why learning English is a worthwhile venture. First, English is a global language that often provides the common ground for speakers who don't speak each other's native languages. Next, a basic understanding of English is often recommended, or even required in some cases, for those seeking admittance to a top university or employment at a multinational company. Finally, English is the language of science and technology. Continue reading for a more detailed explanation of each of these points.

1. English is a global language.

English is worth learning because, unlike most other languages, its core group of speakers isn't focused in a limited number of regions around the world. In fact, English is the official language of 39 countries and a co-official language in 34 more. Furthermore, English is considered to be the de facto official language in another five countries that haven't formally designated an official language.

2. English is often the language of choice between speakers from different regions.

With 942 million speakers, English ranks second among the world's most spoken languages and first among the world's most spoken second languages. Because of this, it often becomes the language of choice between speakers from different regions. It's worth learning English because even the most basic understanding of the language can help individuals from different regions overcome a language barrier.

3. English fluency is required at many top universities.

For those wishing to study at a world-renowned university, it's worth learning English. This is because many top universities only accept students fluent in the English language. In fact, certain universities even require prospective students to pass an English proficiency test prior to admittance if English isn't their native language.

4. Understanding English is essential when working for multinational companies.

For people seeking employment in a multinational company, it's worth learning the English language. As employees of such companies often communicate across borders, they will have a much better chance at finding some common linguistic ground with their foreign contacts if they can understand the English language.

5. English is the language of science and technology.

As most scientific papers and technical manuals are only published in English, learning the English language should be a top priority for anyone pursuing a career in science or technology. People with a casual interest in either of these fields may also find that English is worth learning for the same reason.

As you can see, there are many reasons why it's worth learning the English language. Sure, the spelling and pronunciation systems may seem nonsensical at times, but despite this, English is still one of the easier languages to learn due to its relatively simple alphabet and the overwhelming amount of resources available to those wishing to learn it - two important factors that can be extremely helpful when learning a new language.

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