Thursday, December 26, 2019

Comparing WordPress platforms

What are the differences between and

Despite WordPress being one of today's most popular blogging options, many people remain confused about the differences between and Though both Web sites may sound similar at first mention, there are several important differences between the two. So, if you are planning on creating a WordPress site, be sure to compare the differences between and, so you can choose the product that is right for you.

The following lists will help you compare the two sites:
  • On, blogs are hosted by WordPress, so you aren't required to purchase a custom domain name or Web hosting. There is also no need to download or install the WordPress software yourself.
  • When using, basic service is free but ad-supported. Free accounts have limited storage space and use a subdomain for the website address.
  • Upgraded accounts on have access to more features than their free counterparts. Popular upgrades include increased storage space, the ability to install plugins, and monetization options. While upgraded accounts are still hosted by WordPress, they can use a custom domain name if one is purchased separately.
  • When creating a site at, all updates, backups, and maintenance are performed by WordPress.
  • If you wish to self-host a WordPress blog, you must first purchase your own custom domain name and Web hosting, then download and install the free blogging software available at
  • When self-hosting a blog with files downloaded from, storage space is only limited to the space offered by your hosting provider. Many providers offer unlimited storage space as part of their standard hosting plans.
  • As a self-hosted blog owner, you can monetize your site as you see fit and install any plugins you choose.
  • When self-hosting a WordPress blog, you must perform your own updates, backups, and maintenance.
Despite the similarities between and, there are several differences to consider when deciding which product is right for you. For those looking for a free (albeit limited) option requiring less technical know-how, is the way to go. For prospective bloggers who are looking for a more robust, customizable product, may be the better option of the two.

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