Friday, December 28, 2018

Think inside the box for a change

I'd like to share a piece I wrote back in July of this year. I generically titled it at the time, "It's time to think inside the box," and I presented a brief talk based on what you're about to read here to a local business networking group.

Now, some of what you're going to read won't apply to you at this point in your life. It was, after all, written for a group of business people. But you'll easily identify and understand the main takeaway, which is that, oftentimes, the tools, resources, and connections that we need to achieve a goal or greater success are already there in front of us. They're inside the box. Yet, all too often, we're desperately scrambling to find that next big idea, or connection, or resource outside of the box, to the point where we're ignoring what's already at our disposal.

Here's a brief excerpt to get your mind thinking:'s important now and then to reflect on and take stock of what's in the box. What - or who - do we already have at our disposal in our offices, in our networks, in our day-to-day lives, and in our interactions with others that we're forgetting about? See, we're usually searching so far out, that it's very easy to forget about all the potential, and synergies, and ideas, and creative solutions that are right there in front of us. Think inside the box for a change.
And here is the piece in its entirety, "It's time to think inside the box," from another blog I run, I hope you enjoy it and find it to be of some value.

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